Fundraising: Spring Garage Sale

We need YOU for the spring Garage Sale on Saturday, March 25th in the Westwood parking lot!

We need at least 25 families to participate to make this event happen, please sign-up below to indicate your participation, we need to know BY MARCH 10TH:

Sign Up Genius

Set up - 7am - 9am, Saturday March 25th.

Sell - Price, tag and bring your items the day of the event, you are responsible for sales and are asked to donate up to $100 of your proceeds, or more if you would like to help out even more!

Sale - 9am to 2pm.

Break-down - we will be asking Salvation Army or Goodwill to pick up any unwanted items.

We will be advertising via Craigslist, email, social media, flyers and signage - and of course, word of mouth. Those of you setting up to sell will need to provide your own tables.

Please consider contributing in this fashion - it's a great way to help meet the fundraising goal and get rid of your unwanted items!

Pricing can be streamlined by putting items in boxes labeled with "everything a $1.00" for instance, i.e. books could be priced: paperbacks - 50 cents, hardbacks a dollar.

Questions? Please contact Debbie Carroll

Thank you for supporting our Class of 2017 Seniors!