Or mail to:
Westwood Project Graduation
PO Box 500016
Austin Texas 78750


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Project Graduation is organized by the Senior parents and supported throughout the community. To put on such an event for 550+ teenagers, that is enticing enough to get them there and fun enough to keep them there requires a lot of planning, volunteers, and money.

Here's how you can help:

WHO? All 2015 Graduating Seniors are invited!

WHAT? Project Graduation is an all-night, lock-in party for all graduating Seniors, organized by the Senior parents and supported throughout the community!

WHEN? The Night of Graduation

WHERE? Westwood High School

WHY? This party is a place for our Seniors to all be together one last time. It is lots of fun with lots of cool prizes. Most importantly, the entire party is free from alcohol and other drugs plus well chaperoned.


Project Graduation is a lock-in event, free from alcohol and other drugs, for all graduating Seniors of the Class of 2015.

It is coordinated by volunteer parents, raising funds in partnership with community businesses, who are dedicated to providing their teens with a safe alternative to celebrating the end of their high school career.
Westwood Project Graduation, Inc. is a 501c3 organization.  Documentation will be provided upon request.